That was lucky – Santorini Rooftop FAIL

How to have the perfect holiday on Greek island Santorini. Don't reccomend falling off a roof though.

GoPro: Skyscraper Handstand in Tel Aviv with Jason Paul

Take your fears to new heights as Jason Paul shows off his impressive balancing skills atop a 500 foot tall skyscraper.

The highest point in Belarus – 354m tower

In this video, Sergey Tracer shoots the video from the highest point in Belarus. 354 meters is the highest point of Belarus, it is...

Illegal Rope Jumping in Chernobyl

Sergei Tracer illegally goes to Chernobyl to make a leap of faith from the Drog (5H32) - Soviet over-the-horizon radar for an early detection...
По краю на большой высоте - Сергей Трейсерvideo

On the edge at high altitude – Sergey Tracyzer

"EPIC RUF, I walk along the edge at high altitude, the POLICE I think it says the most about its content We certainly did not start...

Climbed onto the helipad

"Ruffers are losers, we can not be called otherwise after we tried to climb up the running crane. Then we with my friends and...

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ALASKA ft Icey Ives – Jermz – Spicy D // .stance...

this is how we do in Alaska ft Icey Ives, Jermz, Spicy D music by Free The Robots - Jazzhole filmed by Daniel Zhu Anchorage, Alaska