Amazing Moments at SILVERBACK OPEN 2018

stance - favorite hype moments from Silverback Open 2018

B-Girl AT – Rise of the B-Girls

B-Girl AT from Finland talks about her career as a B-Girl - Red Bull BC One

Silverback Open 2018 crew finals – Navi Crew vs Plan B

final battle between Navi Crew: - Lussy Sky - Beetle - Shigekix vs Plan B: - Hong 10 - Menno - Vero winner: Plan B *They were called...

Bumblebee – Grin – Nice | ProDanceTV

Welcome to Bumblebee - Grin - Nice | The Notorious IBE x ProDanceTV Originals Shot by Owen Ling | @missing.pixels Music: Charodey Jeddy - Make...

Sarah Bee – Rise of the B-Girls

Meet B-Girl Sarah Bee from France and see how she got into Breaking. - Red Bull BC One

Kate – Prodance X Slowriginals

Welcome to Prodance x WBC x Slowriginals Bgirl Kate Shot by Owen Ling | @missing.pixels Music: IK-EY - I Still Love You

How to BABY KNEE ROCKS – Breakdance Tutorial

Baby Knee Rocks is one of the variations that can adding a lot more variations into your footwork game.

How to KNEE DROP or PIN DROP – Breakdance Tutorial

Knee Drop / Pin Drop is a Breakdance & Hip Hop moves that really can spice up the style of every dancer. This video,...

Shane “A Master of Hand Balances & Movement”

Feature video of Shane (Hustle Kidz) in collaboration with Visionary Lifestyle Clothing. Filmed in Milan, Italy. Filmed by ChazB Music by Plash

Dancing with the rain x Antonio Anuk

"During one of my travels I met this homeless man. He was sitting on a couch in the middle of the road. I gave...

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HUMAN FLAG WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS BY OSVALDO LUGONES English and Spanish subtitles available Track: Clarx - H.A.Y