Hype Bboy Moments at UK Bboy Champs 2017video

Hype Bboy Moments at UK Bboy Champs 2017

In no particular order, our favourite Bboy moments from day 2 of UK Bboy Champs 2017. Filmed in London, England Filmed by ChazB
llLijah / JayD Solo | Beatmaker + Drummer + Bboyvideo

illLijah / JayD Solo | Beatmaker + Drummer + Bboy | STRIFE

Bboy JayD (Concrete Allstars) hops on the Beat Machine and Drum Set as stage name, illLijah, combining production, live music, and dance.

Bumblebee – Grin – Nice | ProDanceTV

Welcome to Bumblebee - Grin - Nice | The Notorious IBE x ProDanceTV Originals Shot by Owen Ling | @missing.pixels Music: Charodey Jeddy - Make...
Karam vs Spin UK Bboy Champs 2017video

Karam vs Spin – Semifinal UK Bboy Champs 2017

Karam (Mid-Gang) vs Spin (Soul Mavericks) Winner: Karam Judges: Dr. Gabz, Renegade, Storm, Takeo, & Extremo DJs: KhanFu & JamFu Filmed in London, England. Filmed by ChazB

FINALS: Wing vs Menno | Red Bull BC One World Final 2017

Two BC One veterans Wing and Menno rose to the top of an extremely competitive 2017 World Final Bracket. Will Menno take his second...

Hype Moments at Culture of 4

"The hypest moments in our opinion, in no particular order from Culture of 4." - stance CULTURE OF 4 brought to you by Bboy EraNetik “San...
Funky Belgian'Z vs Shmetta Squad Funky Master'Z 2017video

Funky Belgian’Z vs Shmetta Squad | Final | Funky Master’Z 2017

Bboyworld: Founded in 1999, Bboyworld was established with the goal of raising the bar for the “BBOY” world while integrating it's distinctiveness into the...
Simonster x 4evalandvideo

Simonster x 4evaland

Filmed by Mark Kobakian. Edited by Arash Baboo and Simon Ata. Athlete - Simon Ata (Simonster)

Silverback Open 2018 crew finals – Navi Crew vs Plan B

final battle between Navi Crew: - Lussy Sky - Beetle - Shigekix vs Plan B: - Hong 10 - Menno - Vero winner: Plan B *They were called...

CAPO – Lambo Diablo GT ft. Nimo x FLYING STEPS

Music "Lambo Diablo GT feat. Nimo" by Capo New Album "Alles Auf Rot" Jetzt Vorbestellen | VO 07-07-17 Dancers: Lil Amok, Petair, Anna Holstrom, Wilfried Ebongue...

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