Aretha Franklin tribute from Dance Legends at KOD

.stance x KOD judges showcase tribute to Aretha Franklin including: - Popin Pete - Tony Gogo - Junior Boogaloo - Ynot - Renegade - Sally Sly - Mamson - Brooklyn Terry -...

Pantsula – Generations of South African Dance

Steeped in emotional history, the South African dance style style known as Pantsula was created in the 1960's during the apartheid era, and over...

Banks “Better” Choreography by Galen Hooks

Choreographed & Performed by @galenhooks Filmed & Edited by @vibrvncy

Snod vs Samu [final] // .stance // Like a Bomb 2017 // Bombwall Mixstyle

.stance Bombwall = Battle using the wall. Snod (Red Mi-Line) vs Samu (Fonzarelli's) Winner: Samu Filmed in Milan, Italy

Sonic Runway Street Dance with FutureArtsNow

FutureArtsNow! hosted a 1 hour dance session in Downtown San Jose, CA under a Sonic Runway. Breaking, Locking, Waacking, Krumping, House, and Hip-Hop all...


The most optimistic situation. From the streets to the fine art museums, a fusion of pure culture has arrived. Born in the streets &...

Kinjaz “DUNK CONTEST” Choreography by Vinh Nguyen

True story: During our recent trip to Nike World Headquarters, we made a quick detour from our itinerary to shoot some hoops at the...
Childish Gambino - Redbonevideo

Childish Gambino – Redbone ft Skitzo/FingerCircus/NickAbat/Arcade Junkiez/Cheerito/DragonHouse | YAK

YAK in Atlanta, GA for Dexterity Dance League with music "Redbone" by Childish Gambino from his album "Awaken, My Love!" Dancers featured: Skitzo (Raw by Nature) Tasia...

Les Twins vs King Charles & Prince Jaron

Les Twins vs King Charles and Prince Jaron | City Dance Make Lemonade Benefit

Kinjaz | Tech Rehearsal

Choreography by: The Kinjaz Performed by: Bam Martin, Ben Chung, Charles Nguyen, Darren Wong, Mike Fal, Mike Song, Tony Tran, Villn & Mpact Lor...

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AZ street boss Robbie Owen just came through with 3 minutes of tastefully curated moves in the desert heat. Can't beat the timeless sound...