“It is fulfilling to create a body of work that holds purpose and is valuable.”

Brisbane based visual artist Emmanuel Moore creates one of his surreal landscapes at the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia.

If you’re not familiar with the spacious work of Emmanuel Moore, it’s time to get acquainted with his bold, powerful and distinctive painting style. We invited Emmanuel out to the Ironlak Studio for a day of painting and deep conversation.

With a background in graffiti that lead to a shift in focus to a more traditional art practice, Emmanuel Moore is definitely an artist to watch. “When I started to paint on canvases I was inspired by Scandinavian graffiti writers, and how they painted really bold letters and characters” says Emmanuel.

Moore’s process is deeply rooted in traditional practice, filling large spaces of the canvas with carefully selected base coatings of complimentary colours to give the finished product it’s pronounced aesthetic. Using Ironlak Heavy Body Acrylics, Pump Action Paint Markers and Ironlak Brushes to bring another work into the world.