Ironlak BBQ Burners – Sydney


Our final Ironlak BBQ Burners event for 2019 was in good-old Sydney town. We love Sydney, so it’s always good to show love to Sydney.

BBQ Burners is about getting a handful of writers together for a chill day of painting, with beers on ice, and food on the barbie, and Sydney was no different.

Our day started with a 5am flight outta Brissy – TUES, REALS, and YESMA caught the early bird, landed in SYD and took a cab straight to the park, ready for action.

REALSY and the boss linked up with 20 or so Sydney-based writers, while TUESY held down the BBQ in the sunshine, cooking up a feed, with Mik from 567 King on deck “choppin’ onions and talkin’ shit.” Our man FESTE was a huge help in organising the wall and the line-up, ahead of time which made the day flow nicely.

All in all, it was a good day, we got about five cartons deep and there were randos drinking wine with cheese and bickies, “which was a bit weird.”

Thanks to all the writers in Sydney for their support over the years. HUGE Shout out and thanks to 567 King & FESTE for their help with the event.

Ironlak is available in Sydney at 567 King. Follow them on Instagram: @567king

Roll the credits:

Shot: Grant Heap @567king

Cut: OBLVS @_oblvs_

Music: Isaac Joel – ‘Vagans’

Artists: Cispeo (@lifesabigrental), Paze (@pazerblade), Jasy (@jasy1102), Peque (@peque_vrs), Peak, Mare (@nitemare007), Skae (@skae77), Quer (@quer162), Yesma (@ironlakfatcontroller), Reals (@oneighth), Feste (@festekruger), Video, Sytak (@sytak1), Biro (@biroewench), Hotel (@pointoneclique), Seus, Outlaw (@grantoutlaw), Unique (@unique_aka_sereck), Bky101 (@bhoky101), Plan, Selph (@8218tue8218), & Wise (@sister_sledge-hammer)

Intro text: Luke Shirlaw | Artillery Projects (@artillerymagazine)