KINJAZ “Kommunity” | ARENA LA 2019 (w/ Special Guests)


Dear friends and followers, this particular performance holds true weight in our hearts. It’s always a treat to be able to share the stage with the majority of our brotherhood and Arena LA is the place that will always make that possible. But this year was extra special because we chose to make our show about something bigger than the crew…we dedicate this one to our west coast dance community.

Most of us have been a part of our dance community for over a decade, constantly meeting up at different competitions and showcases up and down the California coast. It would always be such a vibrant source of inspiration to see peers create amazing works of art on these stages and we would look forward to these moments all year to represent ourselves and our teams at these events. Through our community’s rich history, a few have truly inspired us over the years and it is our greatest honor to share the stage with them in this performance.

Thank you to Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, Brian Puspos, Lando Wilkins, and Kevin Brewer for not only honoring us with your presence for the evening, but for your influence over the years in our community. Many of us have danced with each other before, but to bring all of us together in one moment is something even more powerful than what the brotherhood could ever accomplish alone. We also want to give a major shoutout to Terry “KRNFX” Im – your unique talent is unparalleled and you know it’s always good times every time we collaborate. We hope that this sets a precedent to the younger generation that COMMUNITY is greater than COMPETITION. The collective artistry of everyone on stage has influenced millions around the world and we couldn’t be more proud and humbled to represent our urban dance community with you today.

Lastly, to Nipsey Hussle…Thank you for being a hero for the west coast. Your example to take your artistry and influence to help your own community is something that we will continue learning from. May you rest in paradise.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Choreographed and performed by: @kinjaz @v1nh @patcruz @_anthonylee_ @mikeosong @bam_martin @kevywinz @jawnha @charlesvnguyen @mpact_lor @villnlor @btek_benchung @justin.santiago @jdmcelroy @just_jet @darren_wong @chad.mayate @arnelcalvario @ry_boogie @lawdevera @jedflorano

Featuring: @krnfx @shaunevaristo @lylebeniga @lando_wilkins @brianpuspos @kbizzle

Film/Edit/Visuals by @vibrvncy

Custom Jacket by @kin.aesthetik

Music by:
Nipsey Hussle “Last Time That I Checc’d”

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