Lacey Baker (born November 24, 1991) is an American professional skateboarder from Covina, California, who rides “goofy-footed” stance.

Lacey Baker is a part of a small group of professional skaters. She began skateboarding at the age of 5, but she only started focusing on it at the age of 11. Baker lists her proudest moment as the first time she landed a kickflip. Baker is said to be one of the best female skaters in the world.[citation needed]

In the March 2007 edition of The Skateboard Mag, Baker is featured in 2 photo sequences showing her perform a 360 flip and a hardflip down 8 stairs. This was part of the magazine’s article “Killer Kids.”

In 2006, Baker placed first in street competitions at both the Canadian Open in Toronto and the Slam City Jam in Calgary

Now she’s sponsored by Meow Skateboards, Pawn Shop Skate, Bones, Nike SB.

She is the daughter of guitarist Marshall Rohner (who played for The Cruzados, T.S.O.L., and Dino’s Revenge).

In 2017, she was the only female skateboarder to be nominated for an ESPY Award in the “Best Female Action Sports Athlete” category.