Ironlak BBQ Burners – Gold Coast


With summer in Australia well and truly ramping up, it was high time to get out into the sunshine for our long-running Ironlak BBQ Burners events.

BBQ Burners is about getting a handful of writers together for a chill day of painting, with beers on ice, and food on the barbie.

Our fourth event for the year was officially coined BBQ Burners Gold Coast, even though the actual location for the day threw us further south – to the NSW town of Murwillumbah. 30 or so writers were on deck for the day – a majority from the Goldie, a handful of Mbah locals, and some ring-ins from Brizzy, and Coffs.

Thanks to our co-host Pharside Skate Shop – and all the writers for withstanding the pelting sun to get it done.

Roll the credits:

Shot/cut: OBLVS @_oblvs_

Music: Blakroc – ‘Coochie’

Artists: @killjohnkaye, @bigoddzy, @ohwleckxs, @sneksless, @scantda84, @migorang, @nitramosaure, @bunge_izm, @_meksy, @bad_gator, @wtcs_crew, @dwelsy, @meatncheesekebabs, @ifyouwill_, @coldlampin, @ekes1atd, @ozgrafflix, @mrbasix, @maimone, Milesy, Suke, Zarle, Nels

Intro text: Luke Shirlaw (@artillerymagazine)