My Only Friend – Port Melbourne


On one Sunny afternoon in Port Melbourne we linked up with SAVER, CARGOPOLIS, SAGE, HOTSHOT and PILFER to star in the new Ironlak Production ‘My Only Friend’.

Set to a track by the absolutely iconic Melbourne band ‘God’, the film follows the process from raw brick, to a full-tilt graffiti production. When all else fails, graffiti can sometimes feel like your only friend, the cans are always there and walls are welcoming.

Shout outs to the stars of the film SAVER, CARGOPOLIS, SAGE, HOTSHOT and PILFER, Colonial Brewing Co. for hooking up the sauce, the cops who came down to check papers, and the red bricks that happily received a new layer of Lak by Ironlak.

Shot: Carl Steffan (
Cut: OBLVS (
Music: GOD – ‘My Pal’ (