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Zip Rock, Nasso & Laos – Judges Showcase Serial Kickerz 2017

Judges: Zip Rock (Actionman Crew) -Russia- Nasso (Arabiq Flavour) -France- Laos (Créteil Style) -France-
Sekou vs Nasso - BotY France 2017video

Sekou vs Nasso [1v1 final] – Battle of the Year France 2017

final of 1v1 BOTY: France 2017 Sekou // Legiteam Obstruxion vs Nasso // Arabiq Flavour Winner: Nasso judges: Niek, Lilou, Karima DJ OneUp and DJ TajMahal

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How To Lose Arm Fat And Get Toned – 2018

How To Lose Arm Fat And Get Toned - Lose arm fat and get toned with this work out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDn6WsrAJHM