What if Leroy only had 4 Cylinders?


Saturn is not a name you hear much in the automotive world since they shut down years back, but even more rare is hearing about a street legal 500hp Saturn powered GoKart! Fortunately for us, we were able to have one of our first encounters with a DF Goblin kit car in person at Street Car Takeover in Atlanta, Georgia. Even more fortunately for us, we knew the owner as we’ve previously featured him on the channel before with his Saturn Ion Redline (and now you know why we bring up Saturn instead of the typical Cobalt platform for the DF Goblin application). That should also help identify why it’s no surprise to see this tiny 4 cylinder cranking out a familiar 500hp, however the catch here is that this kit car weighs just 1600lbs (that’s WITH the driver)! In addition to catching this zippy GoKart on it’s maiden voyage to the drag strip, we were able to sneak a ride in out on the highway (a very very very very windy ride). Check it out and let us know what you think, and maybe we’ll see some more of these kit cars out next year!

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